Q… Why are there no prices here on your site?

A… Because we don’t work on a flat rate. There are too many variables in building a site.

Q… How do I know what this is going to cost me?

A… Call or email us for a price quote.

Q… Can you make my pages look the same in all browsers?

A… To a point yes, but they won’t be exact. Some things won’t work at all between the browser platforms.

Q… I have a current site. Can you get my pages to load faster?

A… There is a good chance we can. It depends on how much time was spent fine tuning your site.

Q… Can you write my site so it will automatically send me the email address of persons visiting my pages?

A… Nope! It can’t be done without the viewer sending you email with their return address in it. There are many stats including the viewer I.P. number that you can get, but not the email address.

Q… If I have an on line order form, is it safe for customers to send me their credit card number on line?

A… Yes, but only if your order form lives on a secure server.


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